Dec 08,2023

Andrew T , USA

"The Healing Hypnotist intuitively seems to know exactly what you need, all
stress and tension is worked on - even if you never knew it existed"

Healing Hypnosis: Self-Healing for a Life of Wellness, Happiness, and Joy is a non-fiction health and wellness book written by Mike Loginov, a former stage hypnotist. Offering an alternative route to health beyond conventional medicine, the book advocates a more comprehensive approach centered around complete physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

As the book begins, we see the author's fascination with hypnotism from an early age, which leads to a career as a stage hypnotist. We then trace the historical roots of hypnosis, exploring its nature and measurable changes in the brain. From the author's struggles with type 2 diabetes to his profound weight loss journey, we are introduced to the Healing Hypnotist method as he challenges conventional nutritional advice. The book goes on to explore concepts like consciousness, neuro-linguistic programming, and the intersection of spirituality, hypnosis, and meditation. What insights can be gained concerning type 2 diabetes? What lesson can be learned from the Healing Hypnotist Method? Find out in this enlightening book.

There's a lot I liked about this book. To call it an eye-opener would not be an overstatement at all. To find out about the author's experience with diabetes, his change of diet against the conventional knowledge of nutritionists truly surprised me. Even finding the origins of the notion that "breakfast is the most important meal of the day" was quite a learning experience. I also appreciated the research and experience that went into the book, as it is quite evident in almost every chapter. Perhaps my favorite part of the book was the guide on self-hypnosis in Chapter 9. The steps given were easy to follow, and it is something that should be employed. The book was written in simple and easy-to-follow language.

My singular issue with the book is that there are a few times where it feels repetitive. A good example of this is in chapter 14, section 2, where the conclusion of Nina's role is rewritten in the example, almost word for word. Ultimately, this didn't take away from the quality of the book.

I found only a few errors in this book. This is a plus for the book. I rate it 5 out of 5 stars. It was an interesting and enlightening book. I recommend it to lovers of health and wellness books. The author made it clear that the target audience for this book are readers looking beyond conventional modern healthcare and its focus on prescription drugs to a more natural and holistic approach to mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing and improved health. And I agree wholeheartedly.


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