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Single Session

Perfect for individuals seeking a focused healing experience or to get a feel for our unique approach:

  • Experience one-on-one personalized trance-based hypnosis.
  • Dive deep into specific challenges or concerns through your unique and custom personalized pathways devised by our healers.
  • Flexible booking tailored to your availability.

Bundled Deal

Commit to a transformative journey and reap the benefits of consistent, ongoing support:

  • Buy 10 sessions get 2 Free.
  • Deepen your healing journey with consistent, guided sessions.
  • Ideal for comprehensive wellness, addressing multiple concerns.
  • Receive a structured pathway to holistic self-improvement.


Private Accelerated Hypnotic Therapy & Performance Coaching

  • Go deeper, and make changes faster, with private 1:1 weekly sessions online.
  • Gain confidence and motivation, lose your fears, and achieve your physical and mental potential.
  • Great support for weight loss, sleep improvement, pain management and overcoming Type 2 Diabetes as well as improving performance in life, sports and business.

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Chronic Pain Management

Live a life free from chronic pain. Our specialized sessions use The Healing HypnotistsTM methodology to tap into your mind’s hidden ability and undoubted power to control, easy and manage pain, helping you lead a more comfortable, and enjoyable life.

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Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Working with the Healing Hypnotist Team, we can help you to prevent or send your Type 2 Diabetes into remission. According to the International Diabetes Federation, approximately 1 in 9 people globally suffer from diabetes, the numbers are likely higher if we take into account pre-diabetics. By utilizing the power of hypnosis, we can assist you in managing or more importantly fully recovering to the level on NON Diabetic in a relatively short time scale. To get there requires changes in lifestyle, your relationship to what you consume, your conditioned patterns of belief and the support of those who have achieved this for themselves.

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Weight Management

Struggling with losing weight? Through the use of The Healing HypnotistsTM methodology, we can help you manage your weight effectively, breaking negative patterns and instilling positive behaviors for a healthier, fitter and more energetic lifestyle. If like many, you have tried every thing from ‘Will Power’ to ‘Starvation’ and nothing has yet worked — well time to find out why, but more importantly the answer (Key) that’s right for you.

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Female Focus

Managing Menstrual pain, perimenopause, and the menopause

Understanding the unique challenges that come with regular menstrual pain and ultimately the menopause, our feminine-focused sessions use the power of The Healing HypnotistsTM methodology to provide relief and manage discomfort effectively. Help balance hormones, calm the mind and find inner peace during these challenging cycles.

Tranquil Birth for new mums.

Tranquil Birth, part of The Healing HypnotistTM suite, offers specialized hypnosis sessions for expectant mothers to ease anxiety, manage pain, and foster relaxation during pregnancy and childbirth. Both individual and group sessions are available. Ideal for those seeking a natural birth and wary of modern medicinal interventions, our expert used Hypnotists Birthing for her own childbirth.


The Healing Hypnotists Foundation

The Healing Hypnotists Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing accessible and affordable holistic healing services to individuals in need. Through partnerships with local community centers and healthcare facilities, they offer free or low-cost trance and hypnosis sessions to promote healing and wellbeing. The foundation relies on donations from individuals and grants from foundations to sustain its operations.


Free or Community Supported Services for Individuals with limited means.

We believe in the power of healing for all. Therefore, we offer completely free or in some cases community supported service to a number of deserving individuals who are restrained by their current ability to cover our fees. This includes up-to 5 sessions over time, with each individual required to complete a questionnaire expressing why they should be given this opportunity. We can’t help every one but as and where we can we wish to find the means to do so. Our supported services allow for community and individual donations to help those in need of benefit from our service’s.


Platinum Service

Experience Personalized Care Beyond Standard Sessions

At The Healing Hypnotist”, we understand that your needs are unique, and so is our premium service. Designed for those who seek the ultimate in personalized care and flexibility, our Tailored Premium Service goes beyond the standard to offer unparalleled attention and access.

Whether you’re a busy professional, media figure, or sports personality, our premium service provides in-person, one-on-one sessions at your location, tailored to fit your schedule and preferences. Benefit from priority scheduling, the option for extended sessions, and more flexible session times.

Our experienced team is committed to delivering a service that is responsive to your individual requirements. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs, and together we’ll craft a program that is as extraordinary as vou are.

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Single Session


Per single session

Bundled Deal


10 sessions over a 3 month period.



$250 (6 months renewable subscription)

About Payments:
  • All prices shown are in $USD, we also accept £GDP & €Euros.
  • Donations to the Foundation can be made at any time. Donate now
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  • Fee payments are in advance prior to commencing your sessions.
  • Subscription fee for coaching is collected monthly by direct debit or standing order.
  • Premium Service fees are tailored to individual requirements. Contact us
  • Corporate bookings and business packages are available. Contact us to discuss.
About Payments:

Expand; by adding “all services are entered into at the client’s own risk, due to the natural holistic approach utilised the Healing Hypnotists (HH), or our associates, we make no promises, claims or guarantees and accept no liability implied or otherwise for the services we deliver. Our objective is to help our clients excel, manage, cope or recover from everyday life challenges.