Dec 08,2023

Mike Loginov


Mike is the founder and chief healing hypnotist he covers all areas of hypnotic healing and performance coaching – He is the lead trainer and coach developing the skills of his team. Mike focuses on assisting a small number of personal clients and he specializes in the following areas:

Type 2 Diabetes prevention and cure.
Having personally overcome 20 years of diabetes in a matter of months, Mike understands the power of the mind in regulating blood sugar levels and promoting overall well-being. His method, which has helped many clients achieve remission in as little as six months, empowers individuals to control their T2D, upending the traditional narrative of this as an incurable condition. If you wish to be 'cured' of your T2D Be prepared for a change in lifestyle, world view and what it is you believe to be the cause of your diabetes.
Chronic Pain Management
Chronic pain can hold you back from living life to its fullest. Through the power of hypnosis and the Healing HypnotistsTM methodology, Mike aids in effective pain management, potentially reducing reliance on medications (with the consultation of your doctor), and enabling you to experience a fulfilling, pain-reduced life.
Weight Management
Weight management is a complex issue that often involves overcoming emotional barriers. With Mike's guidance, develop healthier habits, foster a positive relationship with food, and say goodbye to addictive problem foods. Embrace a "real food" diet that aids in sustained weight loss and health improvement.
Surgery Recovery Support
Mike's unwavering support extends to individuals undergoing surgeries. He uses the power of hypnosis to reduce anxiety, accelerate healing, and optimize overall recovery, providing crucial assistance during this critical phase. Mike's decades of experience in hypnosis and his unwavering commitment to enhancing the lives of his clients make him a beacon of light in the journey towards improved health and happiness. Join him at The Healing Hypnotist and unlock your subconscious mind's potential for enhanced well-being today.
Past Life Regression
Past life regression through hypnosis offers a fascinating exploration of one's deeper consciousness, providing a unique lens into the tapestry of our existence. Guided by Mike skilled hypnotist, individuals embark on a journey to uncover memories, emotions, and experiences from previous lifetimes.

This therapeutic approach allows for a profound understanding of present challenges and relationships, offering insights that transcend the boundaries of the current lifetime. Past life regression through hypnosis is not only a captivating experience but also a tool for self-discovery, enabling individuals to gain clarity, release unresolved emotions, and navigate their current life with a newfound perspective. Embark on a hypnotic odyssey with us, unraveling the mysteries of your past and illuminating the path to a more profound understanding of your present self.


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By award winning author and Head Hypnotist – Mike Loginov
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