Reducing Costly Sick Leave in the workplace Team

Reducing Costly Sick Leave in the workplace

“The number of people out of work due to ill-health is soaring, following a year of strikes, economic instability and a new understanding of what working life looks like outside of the pandemic.”

The Healing Hypnotists Model offers a viable solution to mitigate the frequency of sick days taken by employees. Our approach entails equipping employees with practical tools and techniques for managing their mental and physical health-related concerns. In addition to reducing absenteeism, this approach fosters better motivation, productivity, and concentration, leading to a more contented workforce and improved retention rates.

Ultimately, a healthy, happy, and motivated workforce is imperative for enhanced business performance.

Sick Leave Report 2023: UK Sickness Absence Rates

Deep dive into how different industries are affected by the rise in sickness levels.
Access People HR 2 Aug


Analysis of over 2000 companies found that the average number of sick days in 2022 is 133

Increase in 2021


Food services industry alone

Increase in people taking sick leave


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